Recording Rejects

Unwanted but Wanted

Recording Rejects - Simon McAllister
An archive of various recordings including one-off live jams containing musical errors, and covers that didn't quite cut the mustard!

I can't seem to let go of them, so they're kept here.

Contributing Artists: Simon, Dom, Dave D, Mr. Skinner, Ricky Buttons, Ainsley & Robbie
Trax Library TraxLib Gotta Get a Life


Little Black Dress

Peanut Dreams


Synth Heaven

Synthy Mix (Trippy Mash Up)

The Rubicon

Contributing Artists: Simon, Dave D, Ricky Buttons, Mikee & Nigel
I Ride the Bus

No One Knows

What Do They Do

Contributing Artists: Simon, Dave D, Taff, Mikee, Pip D, Paul, Ricky Buttons & DJ Fluff
The Van Jammers Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

Beautiful Day v1

Beautiful Day v3


Take Back the City


Who's Got a Match